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Enjoy the biggest smiley colletion and other animated gifs and pictures for every situation

How to use the gifs


When you click on a album, you will see previews of all annimated gifs in this album.




To make sure that you get the original gif, always click on the preview. You will then see the original animated gif, that you are allowed to download.




The preview images have a maximum width and height of 150 pixels. The original gif can be bigger.




Thumbnails sometimes seem to be broken. They are not. Click on the preview image anyway and you will see the original animated gif, that will be OK.



Thumbnails sometimes do not move. In this case click on the preview and check the original gif. If it's not moving, it's probably not animated. That can be. I collected a good amount of not animated smileys and some other gifs as well.


Copy animated gifs to your PC

If you want to save an image on your computer, then do right-click -> Save Image As ...


Submit animated gifs in a forum post or a guestbook

If you want to insert an animated gif in a forum post, upload the gif from your computer. You are basically allowed to copy and past gifs directly, but I do not appreciate that much.


Use animated gifs on your website

Feel free to use some of the animated gifs you find here on your website. Please link this website in return. 


Inserting animated gifs in an email

Always take care that you've got the original moving gif. Therefor always click on the preview. Then the original Gif opens on a new page.

  1. Save the animated GIF on your computer: Right-click > Save Image As ...

  2. Open the mail program, write an email and make sure the email is sent in HTML format. Animated gifs are not working in text format.

  3. Add the image from your computer in the text box. It won't move, because messages are written in a kind of preview mode. If you want to see, if the gif moves, send you a test email.

Editing animated Gifs


I edited animated gifs using Adobe Fireworks program.